Hurricane Electronics Lab utilizes three different core materials in its standard line of toroidal inductors. These inductors are catagorized into the "E", "A", and "K" series.
For help deciding which series to choose see the inductor selection guide.
Also visit our classic series page to see our flagship inductor part numbers.

Filter Inductors

Filter Inductor

We can help you find the filter inductor that you need.

Current Transformers

Current Transformer

Current Transformers for every purpose.

  • 60 Hertz power control and monitoring
  • High Frequency Applications
  • Current Measurement
  • Power Control
  • Military, industrial, and consumer applications
Common Mode Chokes

Common Mode Choke

Follow the link to our CI, CK, and CM common mode choke product lines.

Switching Power Supply Transformers

Switching Power Supply Tranformers

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